Should Indian Premier League be banned…an opinion

India, where the game of cricket is treated as a religion without any question. The Indian cricket team won the  inaugural World T20 in the year 2007….the date being 24th September….which brought a wave of joy for every Indian as it was the first World Cup after 1983….

The next year BCCI, said to be the richest cricket board…..a franchise in itself decided to start a league….a tournament where 8 teams would take part in it where every team would be bought by a franchise…..

Big-big names came forth….Ambanis, Mallyas, actresses like Zinta, Shetty, and also the king of bollywood SRK…..


There was a buzz across the whole nation….news channels were covering every news related to the event….people were anxious to see great players playing from one team and too the host of the tournament were Indian stadiums….I myself was pretty anxious… be very true…..

The first event was a great success….a revolution….for the television broadcasters….as it had every spice in it….from cheerleaders to actors to musicians to singers to dance performers….which added glamour to the game of cricket….it also served as a job employers for many struggling models who became anchors in that event….even for the wagering market it became an unprecedented event….across the globe… created tremendous amount of money…..

The ICC even granted its place in the ICC calender of events across the world….

Rajasthan Royals came out to be the surprise winners…..where the stakes were set upon Chennai Super Kings….team led by MS Dhoni….people found this tournament to be full of surprises as it brought forth the surprising talents of Yusuf Pathan as he was the man of the match in the finals….and many other players which were not in people’s eyes….became a symbol of hope for them in future…..

What next….people prayed for another event…..the same came….in 2009….it repeated its success across the globe….

The people were so hopeful to think that the talent brought forth would make India a dominant country in the world sport….

Its rightly said, hoping too much from something always leads to sorrow and letdowns….same happened with this tournament too…..

In the year 2009, due to this tournament one of the big gun of Indian cricket was injured and became unfit for the coming World T20 held in England….from 21st June….because of the unavailabilty of that cricketer there were much controversies regarding the team lineups….which ultimately cost the defending champions with their title….

That being just the beginning of the side effects of the so called “INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE”… further caused problems….because of the tiring schedule of the tournament containing more than 70 matches… made several good players unfit….coz some were injured…some were tired and many other reasons….

This tournament is also said to have played a big role in the defeat of the Indian team in England in 2011….

The pacers who bowled at 140+ in Indian pitches got reduced their pace to 132-137….which was not good on the English turf….hmm…..this happened due to the tired body of the Indian players which did not allow them to bend their back and bowl at a faster pace…..

Some years later there was an introduction of IPL post match parties…..where all the players could indulge in late night parties….with models, girlfriends and actresses…..they were also offered shots of whisky and rum….to contribute to their enjoyment….

The shocking news from this extra hyped tournament came when five of the Indian players were caught in “spot fixing”…..the biggest name being of S. Sreesanth…..they were charged with serious allegations of taking money for not performing upto their potential…..who can forget that epic “Towel Case” from the famous Indian bowler…..which ultimately imposed life bans on two players and one year+ ban on other three…..

These were certain facts which were put by me in this blog… coming to the conclusion…..

In my opinion this tournament should be banned which coupled with CL T20 led one of the finest talents to lose their track….and become one of the struggling cricketers of modern times….its also said about one the Indian batsman…..that he performs a lot better in IPL as compared to the national team…..why so……becuase the IPL fetch them a lot more money than the national team…..maybe this is the biggest reason….some cricketers say….”they performed so well because they wanted to deliver for their franchise and team owners”, what a shame….they do not want to perform anymore for their motherlands….such players are not only from India but overseas players also have such notions…..

I think the money makers should now stop making mockery of this game and stop corrupting this game with models, vines, dances…..etc…..they should rather try to bring back the lost sanctity of the game…..

This event according to me should be banned…..because instead of tiring the cricketers….they could be rested….or they could be sent to university of cricket which are overseas… that it would prepare them to perform well on overseas soils and not only on subcontinent turf…..which would wash away the  blotch on Indian cricket team of not performing well outside India…..

I think this would lead to the real development of the young cricketers……

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The blog was strictly based upon real facts…..and its just an opinion…..not a criticism…..any person whose sentiments have been  hurt by such commentary on cricket must take this as a passing opinion and do not be disturbed by the same…..

Thank you.



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